In the state of Illinois, J.B. Pritzker who is Bruce Rauner’s challenger is planning to legalize marijuana. J.B. Pritzker is a billionaire, wherein his family owns the chain of Hytatt hotels. He also has tech startups and stakes in different casinos. Since January of this year, he has been pushing the legalization of marijiuana. 

His opponent, Rauner who first worked in a private equity firm as a retired chairman, is known as the governor of Illinois. He is the running a state that is known to be populous, and he’s handling it pretty good. He is also another rich man, who funded his own campaign by $50 million.

In thi article by Chris Roberts, he talks about the potential legalization of Cannabis because of these billionaires.

If the sight of two obscenely wealthy men funneling their personal fortunes into an election campaign makes you queasy, well, remind yourself this: Illinois may get marijuana legalization out of the bargain. 

On 420, Pritzker’s campaign released a pro-cannabis legalization video on Twitter, part of a concerted effort to use marijuana policy as a way to appeal to voters and build a candidate identity. Pritzker’s embrace of cannabis legalization began in January, when he was still running in a crowded primary field. Now that the primary race won, and the Democratic nomination is secured, Pritzker still has to appeal to voters. His support of marijuana legalization may also be part of an effort to compensate for an FBI-recorded phone call with disgraced ex-governor Rod Blagojevich, in which Pritzker made comments deemed insensitive to black people. See full post here…

Will Cannabis actually be legalized with these billionaire supporters? We will all find out in a few months time.