Due to the fact that cannabis is becoming legal to almost the entire US. More and more people are growing cannabis for different purposes. Some prefer growing cannabis for recreational reasons. But there are also some who are growing cannabis for medical reasons. These may be some of the reasons why a grower becomes a part of the top cannabis growers in a certain place. 

Also, some people think that to be able to become one of the top cannabis growers in North America, you need to have the highest number of produce per month. But the truth is, there are other criteria that need to be considered. These criteria will help them decide who the top cannabis growers are. 

In this article by Growers Network, they talk about the criteria and as well as the top cannabis growers in North America and in other regions:

Growers Network is committed to spreading knowledge about all aspects of the commercial cannabis industry, including growing, dispensaries, extractions, and more. In this article, Growers Network explores some of the largest cannabis growers in North America as part of an ongoing look at the commercial cannabis industry as a whole.

Since there are multiple ways to rank grow operations, many criteria were considered. Some of the possibilities included wet and dry biomass, pounds of wet and dry flower per harvest, number of plants, number of different strains, THC content (by percentage of dry mass), and more. Our preliminary research indicated that many companies are unwilling to disclose this information publicly.

In the end, we chose to use square footage and area of the grow operation(s) as an objective and verifiable measurement of size. We decided to make a distinction between the current largest grow operations and upcoming large grow operations. Many operations are currently expanding or entering the field, and our “Near Future” list ranks them by their projected operation size. Read full post here…

You’re probably thinking now if you should become a grower or a consumer after reading all these. But if you have the guts to become a grower and to become a part of the top cannabis growers, then following the criteria would be best.