The latest country in Africa that legalized Cannabis last week is Zimbabwe. They have published the license to let the cannabis be cultivated. It will help the research and its medical use to widen. Zimbabwe has been thinking about their decision for eight months already and after so much debate, they have legalized it.

The license will be effective for five years. This also means that the growers will be allowed to transport, possess, and even sell cannabis products. Some of the cannabis products that can be sold are dried cannabis, and cannabis oil.

In this article by Phillip De Wet, he discussed more about the legalization of cannabis in Zimbabwe.

The regulations impose an obligation on the government to consider the risk that dagga could be diverted to illicit use, complaints from police, or objections by local authorities.

Lesotho granted its first licences for marijuana production in September last year, believed to be the first African country to do so. See full post here..

With the legalization of cannabis, growing it and selling cannabis for medicinal purposes, will surely be rampant.