You’ve probably heard about this  event about Socal Cannabis Cup 2018, which was held in San Bernardino, California last April 20. Some people were hesitant to actually go there because they feel like this is the same old event that 4/20 people has. But they were wrong.

A lot of things happened during that 4/20 event. There was a ferris wheel in the area, where people can enjoy the view while getting high. People who want to take a break from the partying went to ride the Ferris Wheel because of how relaxing being up there is. There are also a lot of VR games that everyone enjoyed. 

Ab Hanna detailed the events that took place during the SoCal Cannabis Cup 2018 in this article below:

After realizing virtual reality and marijuana were a match made in heaven, we decided to bring virtual reality games to the cannabis cup with the help of Hologate. Get baked so its easier to get completely immersed in one of Hologate’s virtual reality games.

You can fight dragons, shoot zombies or even have a virtual snowball fight while standing in sunny California.

If you’re planning on spending time in the medicating area, you’re definitely going to catch yourself starving at some point. Especially if you try any of the super appetite-stimulating delta 8 THC.

Fortunately, we will have a huge variety of food for you to choose from with over 30 food trucks on-site.

There will be tacos, hot dogs, burgers, pizza, funnel cake, kettle corn, ice cream, barbeque, pho, greek, fusion, middle-eastern, east African food and plenty more. Read full post here..